Saturday, January 28, 2012

Know How You Can Get Facebook Timeline Personal Cards

Now! you can get timeline personal cards with just some steps, you have to follow which given below. you don’t need to tell people your phone number and email address, can give your facebook personal card. MOO is a company which provide business card with facebook. It’s not matter where you are in world, because they ship worldwide.

All cards Printed on quality paper, the color cards start at 50 per pack, $15 for 50 cards, $30 for 100 cards, $45 for 150 cards, and $60 for 50 cards. If you like to get stared and wanna have Facebook card, go to and start design your cards.

1. Login your Facebook account and go to facebook timeline profile.
2. Click on about (as shown in picture)

3. Look for your contact info box and click that icon (as shown in picture)
4. Now! Click on Print Cards (as shown in picture)

5. Will ask Request for Permissions and Click on Allow

6. Now! design your cards

Card - Back Side
Card - Back Side
And you will get this cards by post, because they ship worldwide.


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