Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post Your Articles on FaceBook Automatically

Do you have Website or Blog, and you publish personally on myspace. Well, you know, it’s make a chance to publish and you have to sign in eace time when you publish there but have you ever think to publish each website link on myspace automatticaly? Yeah! it’s possible to do. There are one of myspace app (RSS Graffiti) available to do, do not need to go by lengthy and herd actions, just adhere to few actions & set up which given below. It will help you to automated publish on your myspace. now you do not need to sign in and go again and agian to publish there. If you will compose new publish for your site, it will instantly publish on myspace. but Keep in mind, your blog/website should have nourish, so that can set up.

There are so many benifits to use RSSGraffiti app. like you can set narrow, program a publish, personalize your river and set posting guidelines. Set up a tweets consideration also available with RSSGraffiti. It’s no cost, do not need to pay anything for that.

Post Articles to FaceBook
Post Articles to FaceBook

How to submit RSS Feed to show on your facebook :

1. Log in to your Facebook profile
2. Open RSS Graffiti facebook app and click to authorize
3. Now!, click to Add a new feed
4. One of page will show front of you and will ask for :
Feed URL: your blog feed url.
Source Name: Title of your blog
Source URL: Your blog url
Post style: Let the ‘Standard’. If you want to post up in the form of short messages such as Twitter select ‘Compact’ or ‘status updates’
5. Now! click on Save.
If you have any problem, can ask from here
Now whenever you post an article, the article will automatically appear on your facebook page/wall.


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