Saturday, January 28, 2012

Now Get Old Facbook Discussion Back

Some of individuals do not like new twitter or myspace talk box? Do you also and looking to use old twitter or myspace chat? with some simple techniques, which given below and you can get old one. As you have seen that almost associates present in on the internet record in new FB talk box, but when you use old talk, only your on the internet buddy will present and off-line buddy will not present in that record. Old FB talk box is simple way to use and can discover associates to talk on the internet quickly.

How to Get on Mozilla Firefox?

1. Open your Firefox browser and login facebook account.
2. Go to this Add ons.
3. Click on the “Add to Firefox” button.
Add to Firefox
Add to Firefox
5. Then after, at “Software Installation” window, click “Install Now” button.
Install Now
Install Now
6. After that finally “Restart” your browser.

How to Get on Google Chrome?

1. Open your Chrome browser and login facebook account.
2. Go to this Extensions.
3. At right corner, click on “Add to Chrome” button.
Add to Chrome
Add to Chrome
4. After that click on “Install
5. Now! “Refresh” your facebook page and see your chat box!
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