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How To Choose A Company Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Philosophy

This is probably the most important factor when deciding which company to work to improve their online business or brand identity. Using a search engine marketing or investment company that uses only ethical search engine optimization techniques or "white hat" methods will ensure that it reduces the risk of being abandoned, removed, or removed penalty ban search engines. No one likes to wake up the glassy eye of the grim reality of being "fired Google" to break or change the rules of search engines express or implied terms of service.

Search Engine Optimization methodology / specific skills

Can your expert SEO Company only optimize static websites in HTML-based integrated? A reputable SEO firm will have experience working with sites in all programming languages ​​and common technologies, PHP, ASP, ASPX, HTML, Cold Fusion, Flash, etc.

It is SEO Company has experience in the optimization of both static and dynamic web pages? Can SEO Company to optimize the use of various e-commerce packages and interfaces, such as Monster Commerce, Yahoo Stores, OS Commerce,, Volusion?

Depth optimization / Partial Services

The companies most basic search engine optimization around not really search engine optimization at all, they are merely submission services, either manually or automatically submit your site to various search engines and directories . Companies submitting are usually very cheap, because no genuine development content coding, linking, or place on your actual site. Typical price is around $ 19.95 to $ 399 per month for these services type of presentation.

Mid-level optimization company receives hands tight grip on the market by changing the code by analyzing the keywords, build links, and adjusting / writing new content to your site. They can also be a touch off-site optimization, such as press releases, article submissions, and write blogs. Typically, companies that the average degree of choice of pay ranges from $ 399 and $ 850 per month.

The highest level of motor investment research firm perform the functions described in the companies to optimize average but is also responsible for conversion tracking and analysis. The emphasis on off-site optimization is much larger and time consuming. This means that companies with high level of optimization are mainly responsible for the discovery of what works and what does not the customer experience - from initial research through the conversion. Working hours per month is also a higher rate that companies must charge of the search engines to cover their costs. The usual price range of these companies are $ 850.00 up to $ 10,000 per month, but on average you will be looking at a cost of $ 1,000 per month of vacation.

It is mostly a marketing company that deals with different parts of the optimization campaign as separate entities. For example, the optimization of the company may charge separate fees only to "connect" or "the contents of the building." This piecemeal approach can be harmful. A successful optimization is a synergy between a series of actions on many fronts, sometimes simultaneously and sometimes sequentially. Putting together the various aspects of search engine optimization campaign usually collects reduced compared to the overall strategy.

Classification System / Information

Most companies search engine optimization tremble at the idea of ​​giving their customers to assess their work. A search engine optimization company does the opposite of ethics. There are four tools that we recommend to use together to evaluate the performance of a company to optimize search engine / performance.

1. Real-time statistics / analysis software conversion

The ability to see traffic gains and conversions in real-time window can be useful to assess how SEO works. Having the ability to see who is coming to your site, what search engines are coming from, and the exact keyword phrase used in the search query is an essential tool.

2. Reports positioning or visibility

Reports are sent twice a week position for specific keywords you are interested in the ranking by a lot can be incredibly useful. A percentage of visibility, which is the percentage of people who are the keywords that are important to your business - search engines - Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN is also important. Make sure your company does not delay the automatic search query engine, however, search engines may consider this spamming their databases.

3rd Alexa Rating:

You can download the Alexa toolbar right now from This will give you a good summary of the general trend of traffic in the last three months of your site compared to other existing sites. If you have a new website, chances are you will not even rated by Alexa, or visual information. Alexa rating shows in general how your doing traffic-wise compared to your competitors or industry affiliates. Calculate the Alexa traffic rating over to your website is to produce compared to other sites on Alexa in the universe. Note that if the site is Alexa rating of "1", this does not mean you're most visited sites on the Internet, means that probably act to Yahoo Store in this case is to identify the global traffic of Yahoo, rather than individual sites. A general tool like this can give you a quick global view of traffic growth and development.

Be careful though, the numbers are generalities (similar to the Nielsen TV Ratings) and not absolute numbers.

4. Google PageRank

You can download the Google Toolbar right now by going to Click the Settings tab and check "PageRank Display" measure. You will be able to see how Google is rating the importance of your site on a scale of 0-10. As an optimization company is moving forward with your campaign, you can check periodically to see how the number is rising. The typical site could see an increase in PageRank from one to two points in an optimization campaign. Remember that it is easier to increase your PageRank on the lower ends of the spectrum. As you approach more PageRanks it becomes more difficult for your rating ball.

Due Diligence: Objectives / General Industry and Keyword Research

How does the SEO firm will carry out their actions before the goals of your organization, industry and the company? Do you ask about:

Whether your business goals (both short and long), your industry, your competition. What keywords are working for you? What PPC (Pay Per Click) words are currently in force? What PPC engines (Adwords, Overture, MSN / Live) are currently in force? How your site is designed? Is this your site static or dynamic?

What are the tools that your SEO firm to perform keyword searches its use?

As with WordTracker Elite, WebCEO or keyword? What tool Overture keyword suggestion tools and basic generic Google keyword suggestion provided by Adwords. Did they use a combination of the basic tools? What is a methodology for analyzing keyword property? Do they have dedicated tools, developed in-house or third?

Customer Account Manager Ratio

Not many SEO companies want to publish their report manager of the account. This ratio represents the number of clients each account manager handles at any given time. The decrease in the volume of customers each account manager for help, chances are better service and the high level of personal attention. We recommend that SEO account manager supports less than thirty clients at any given time.

The man-hours per month

The number of hours per month, your production department SEO really focus on your business is crucial. It is more than smart to ask for a breakdown of monthly estimates of time before you start a campaign optimization. What you can expect to receive, and what is actually delivered, should be straight.

The company has the structure and size

Your SEO company consists of a laptop computer with your account manager for the basement work sitting next to a mouth-watering golden retriever? Is this your business SEO a bureaucratic nightmare that requires you to fill out trouble tickets when you need help there?

Your business search engine optimization ethics should be somewhere in the sweet spot of not too small and not too large. You want individual attention, but you also like to know that more than one account, calculating their next business move.


Is it ethical search engine optimization firms is a strong management team? They have a management team at all? These are the companies you're considering a private or publicly traded? He is the owner of optimization of the company leaves the landlord, or an active member of the SEO community? It is not out of the question asks CV or resume, and the powers that be, in fact, it makes sense if you think that company is not only your business but make a living. After all, SEO practitioners have certified that the government can be trusted to check their screens.

Reputation / meaning

SEO Does your company have received several complaints through the Better Business Bureau? Check the Better Business Bureau reports to see if there are any unresolved complaints. Sometimes customers can submit their complaints, but we believe it is the rapid processing of these surveys are even more important when considering an optimization company to work.

Past performance / site SEO Company

Every SEO company should have detailed reports on the successes of past clients. The reports must contain details of the optimization objectives and deadlines. Reports on past clients must also focus within and between different industries. You should always be aware of a basis point - where a particular client began before the optimization company to begin an SEO campaign. Is the SEO firm itself underperforming in search engines? Google PageRank low (less than 5 years) may be a sign of your SEO firm is not as long as you liked.

References / Shelf Company

Every SEO company should have a proven track record in industries and fields in both business and consumer industries and businesses in the arena of business. Referrals must come from not only the last six months, but must come from the years prior to your introduction now. If your SEO firm to do quality work, clients must be for years to sing their praises.

Cost / price structure / fees up front

Costs should be consistent with the service the company provides a-la "Consistent with the value proposition," taught by Yale School of Management. $ 49.00 per month campaign credit card companies that specializes in search engine can not be the best choice in campaign optimization or high-level depth. SEO company should also offer to pay only when they have a clear understanding of your business objectives and workloads. Masked by the cost structure can lead to frustration, unfulfilled expectations and, ultimately, failure. Also be concerned if the optimization of the company requires payment of six months in advance in order to simply the "Start".

The ideal optimization company charges a fee to monthly recurring charges against you and that relates to the services that are actually made. Optimization of high-quality work in place with 30-60 man hours a month is not possible that some officials of thirty dollars every day 49.00 to perform their services.


Nasty if bird flu hits the unsuspecting head right account is important! It is optimizing the company's ability to transition from the current state of the campaign for another qualified expert to optimize? Every SEO company should be a system where information on existing accounts can be easily spread from one individual to another. If you do happen to be a disaster for the Account Manager, you should feel comfortable that the company continues to thrive regardless of the circumstances.

Quality control

Every SEO company should have someone check your account manager to ensure that every last "i" is dotted and every last "t" is crossed. Your account manager should be responsible for the success of his campaign, but a pair of eyes can sometimes be a need to add more weight on the side of success.

Promises / Results Chronology

We heard the lists SEO companies promise first page of Google for competitive phrases within 48 hours. If your listing sales representative is excessive and unrealistic, it should be a sign that he is more likely a company to move away from. Achieving search engine listings can be a hard fight, the long struggle that comes from hard work and smart planning.

Quality of the production staff

The production staff should be divided between account managers and technicians in specialized production. Account managers are the backbone of an optimization campaign management and implementation. Account managers must be able to perform all the actual coding, linking and content creation for each client. As an optimization campaign progresses and increases the complexity, you should be able to call your support staff or production department to complete specialized work orders for each customer. The more specialized each member of the production department, the more effective it will complete its work (thanks to Henry Ford for this).

Location / Distance

When you call your account manager or SEO company listening to curious two beeps first connected to the individual work abroad without air conditioning? It's not a good sign. And 'imperative that you hire a search engine of the investment company whose sales force works with the production department. There should be a mismatch between what was sold and what was actually delivered. SEO guru working on your account should be able to understand your business, industry and business objectives quickly, without the static interference communications abroad.

Brian Ortiz is the CEO of SEOMatrix: Ethics optimization search engine. He specializes in search engine marketing and analysis of conversion and, in particular for national and international clients for over five years. SEOMatrix is ​​a search engine optimization Society of Connecticut. To receive a free optimization or analysis of the conversion rate of your website sign up for our matrix report.


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