Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Best Tips For SEO


If you want to make your site visible on major search engines, then follow these guidelines:

Start by first searching for popular search terms used today related to your services or products. For example, if you serve in the field of web design, try searching for web design tools for discovering keywords. You can find these tools in the search engines by simple keyword or discovery tools for keyword analysis. A maximum of these tools give us free services to search for relevant keywords. You can choose from popular search results and move on to get more visibility on search engines.

2. Now that you have selected your keywords, it is time to analyze the meta tags. Start the search engines indexing the title of your site. Important to include keywords, title tags, for example, better graphics, etc. Remember that the track as Google does not index more than 60 characters in the meta title tag so we try to provide exclusive content related to keywords in less than 60 characters.

Now third, a brief description in the meta description tag on your website page content and allow search engine robots know what your site is about. It should not exceed more than 250 characters.

It is the fourth time to analyze your meta tag keywords by placing important keywords related to the content of your web page text. Remember, your site must also contain the words found in the meta tag keywords. You can give any number of keywords in the keyword meta tag, but most of the caterpillars crawl maximum of 260 characters.

5. Search engines love unique content and a new text on your site. Try to do to change the text on your site often.

6. Search engines love the title tags, H1 to H3 in particular. The text of these labels are regarded by most search engines. These are the tags that follow the bed in the first body section of your site. Try to give the important keywords in the tags. You can choose how content title and h1 h2 - h3 title in the text content. Remember, do not try to hidden tags to increase your visibility due, so your site can be launched in the archives of the cover and will not be visible later.

7. The website built in HTML or HTM or a static language, the majority held that the search engines instead of dynamic tags, such as php, asp, or an extension? Ajljfldjasfj. Try to make your site a static language, using HTML. Also, make sure that the site was designed for 100% correct coding.

8. When you have designed your site, it's time Sitemap. Sitemaps are very useful to refer to the site. Help search engines to get to our pages. If you create a sitemap, the pages can not be included in search engines or search engines can crawl a few pages of your site. Then create the plan submitted to search engines like Google. Search engines can easily read if written sitemaps in XML or HTML programming. If your site is online, you can generate XML sitemaps online for free. Just search Google XML Sitemap Generator and you will find many websites that offer free XML Sitemap for your website. After generating sitemaps, upload to the root folder of your site.

9. Once you have created your website site map, it's time to do it in Google. Visit / webmasters and sign here if you have a Gmail account, or sign a new Gmail account. After logging in, Add your site administrators and to check (check and add Google sites, Google, please read the instructions). After checking the site map site map below. Make sure the file sitemap.xml is the root directory of your site.

10. Now wait a few days. You can check the number of pages indexed by Google to look for the link: [http://www.yoursitename.extension] in the Google search.

11. A more important to give traffic to your site is to provide blogs, articles and news on high PR websites. Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, etc. You can submit free articles, blogs, site news

12. If you want to get huge traffic, then send the URL to the directory. Sites Directory to provide backlinks to your site. These links will help us to achieve a high Google PR. When you send information on the site, you will be asked to submit your website URL. This is a URL, which can be reversed. You will find many of these type of sites search engines. Most of them offer free services for directory submission.

13. Try changing your links to a site related service provider web sites with high PageRank. Link exchange is a good way to get links back.

It 's all today. In this section I will deal with almost every step in adding your site to Google!


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