Friday, June 17, 2011

Meta Tags

The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization (Theory in Practice)1 The Title tag - This is the most important on- page SEO tactics. Search Engines find your web site using title tag and then they serve your web site according to search query.

2. The description, Meta keyword and robot text- Most of the search engine use your site description to rank web site in SERP. If you have proper targeted keyword or key phrases description you can rank more higher than your competitor.

3. The Heading Texts (H1 to H6) - This tag shows very important content or subject which you want to show to search engine spiders. For heading texts we can use H1 to H6.

4. The Body Text – Mostly search engines are focus on body text, it should be in bold. You can bold your targeted keyword or key phrases in the web site content.

5. The URL – Your web site search result also depend on your web site. If you have URL as your target keyword, it will help in search engine ranking. For example, Http:// . This URL have a keyword, like that you can also use this type of URL.

6. The first sentence in the body text and the first words used per sentence – Put your target keyword in the first line in body text and also remember user query.

7. Optimize Image Alt Texts – Your web site images should be described via Image Alt text with the keywords or key phrases for which you are optimizing.

8. Site link Text – The links connecting to your web site pages should be in propel way means is that you can use target keyword in these links.

9. Site HTML – your web site Html and web site content must have a simple structure and content must have target keywords or key phrases.

10. Site Link URL- your web site link URL must have your target keywords in the link pages or other pages on the web site.


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