Saturday, September 10, 2011

How To Put Links In To Your YouTube Videos

Not much entertainment value here. This is the meat and bones of social media. When you build your list and generate traffic, links to videos are the cornerstone of your business. Wow, lots of clich├ęs, but there is a demand for truth in advertising.

Uses the results of this process can be as diverse and as simple as you want to do. Links can create traffic to your website, your blog, affiliate site, compression or landing page, the answering machine or any other place you choose. His discretion becomes the manager of traffic visiting your site. This is the definition for the link. You put a link buried in the ad copy, photo or video you selected. Then, the link sends the viewer to the place you choose. Different places to send traffic to maximize the visibility and profitability.

This article refers specifically to videos hosted on YouTube and, for the bonding process requires the use of a program that will offer a widget (electronic tool) that will fill the void. The platform that connects LinkedTube called.

LinkedTube have a blank form that you fill with the values ​​required to complete the task. Copy and paste the URL of the first video on YouTube (Uniform Resource Locator), which is the full web address you are linking. The second draft is the text of the button. This is what you choose for the button for printing on it. For example, "Click here for more free!"

The third button is an empty URL. This is a place where you want to click is controlled. For simplicity, in this example, we say that it comes to your website. URL of your website in the box is turned off. You can also specify the mode button, which are the conditions that you want to display the button. Among the options: Show and always seems to hover, and there is a third option, never appear. This was a typographical error. Or has someone had their thinking cap ... We want to show the button, sometimes, is not it?

Anyway, the last two are white float static text title. Both options are only visible when the cursor is suspended over the field of video. It also obscures the visibility of the video's thumbnail and for that I decided to use to convey their coordinates. This is a personal opinion, but to float my title, I choose to insert the address of my site. I do this because the first line of text in the popup has fewer characters than the second line. Basically, there are 20 or more characters in the top line, and 30 more or less the bottom line. So the last line should be the slogan you choose to push them to visit your site. Such as: "For the current seo marketing secrets!"

When all this is done, save the information in the fields and press the button can be embedded in the code. Save this embed it in a safe place because you can add it anywhere you can use the HTML code. Use it to add a video for the fast and the shot-in-the-arm to your blog or website. Send the title of your WordPress blog and click the "Send" button, and you're done.


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